If you work in or are looking into a career in private homes and need a nudge of momentum, then my collection of quickly actionable ebooks can start propelling you forward...

"My methods and no nonsense attitude will do nothing for candidates who are looking for someone else to do the work for them. If you are a hardworking, determined Nanny, Governess, PA, Chef, Bodyguard or candidate working with families in their homes, then our e-books can help you take the appropriate steps to move you along your career path in small actionable tweaks that position you ahead of the pack."
Dear Friend,

If you want to avoid making the most common mistakes candidates applying for work make, then you are in the right place.

I have created a series of e-books to help you make progress regardless of what stage in your career you are at.

There is a caveat though... you have to implement the steps to make progress. Buying the books is not enough.

Hanna Schaer
Helps Domestic work candidates find their families and families around the world find their staff.
Here is what I mean:

Each ebook is short and intense, focused on helping you in one area at a time to make the tweaks and changes that I know will put you way ahead of the other candidates applying for the same jobs you are. I know you are great at your job, and I also know that you might have areas that prohibit you from having the career you want.

They are designed to help you make progress, fast.
They give you actionable tweaks to make right away, giving you an edge in your career.
You could be the candidate that it's so easy to hire it's a no brainer.

That's my goal for you.

To reduce friction in the hiring process so you can focus on the things you love, your work and the people you work with.
I want you to be able to read each book quickly, and immediately start implementing what you have learned to build on your career goals.
When you purchase our e-books you become part of the Riviera Nannies Family, and it comes with benefits.

  • You get to hear about new jobs first.
  • You will get our email newsletters helping you in your career, for free.
  • You are on the list to get offers from us before others, at steep discounts. 
  • In the Build your CV e-book you learn all about CV banks. What they are, why you should have it and how to build it.

  • In the Nail your Interview e-book you will find out how to wow your interviewer both in person and in a video interview.

  • In the Negotiate your Salary e-book you learn how to use the metrics of a job to give your employer options that work in both of yours favor.

  • In the Build your Contract e-book you learn how to successproof a new job, and using this phase as a final filter to make sure you don't step into situations you do not want to be in.

  • In the Your Network e-book you will get a new perspective on your network, your community and your place in it. That's when you can use your position to support others, be of service and leverage your network to build on your own career.
"Hanna has showed me how changing small things often makes a really big difference in the long run."

"Nannies are professionals and I love working with an agency who understands and respects us as the professionals we are."

"The resources for us who work in people's homes are often not specific to our situation. Working with Riviera Nannies has taught me that there are agencies who care about us in the long run."

The Riviera Nannies Family is a serious, tight knit and supportive environment. We are focused on our candidates' success, our clients' happiness and us all collaborating to get there. If you are serious, driven and determined to do a great job, this is the place for you.
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The e-books can be bought individually or as a bundle.
Building your CV is the first thing you need to do, and continue to do as your career progresses.
In the Build your CV e-book we go through organizing and presenting your information in a way that makes it easy for you to tailor what you send out when applying for work.
  • You will learn how to build your CV bank (and what a CV bank is).
  • You will know what to include and what to take out.
  • You will know how to wow recruiters and employers as you first meet them, through your CV.
Learning how to Nail your Interview serves you well through your career and will help you progress fast.
In the Nail your Interview e-book we walk you through the steps from getting the interview to the follow-up after the interview, ensuring you use this opportunity to build a long term professional relationship.
  • You will be fully prepared for the interview
  • You will arrive at your interview, irl or virtual, calm and centered. 
  • You will know how to use the interview as a springboard to use your experience to forward your career whether you get the job or not. 
Negotiating your Salary is a touchy and challenging subject for most. From here on, you do it with confidence.
For anyone who is not a professional negotiator negotiating your salary can be like a minefield on an obstacle course. In this e-book you learn how to calmly negotiate your fair compensation, leaving everyone happy and setting the tone for a successful collaboration.
  • You will learn how to use your metrics to craft different tiers of your offering.
  • You will learn how to deescalate and debunk objections.
  • You will be clear about what your options are.
Building a Successful Contract will set the tone for your job and serve your career (and confidence) as you progress.
Having a solid structure to lean on makes all agreements, communication and expectations a lot easier and set you up for long term success in any job. 
  • You will know what to ask for, and what to offer.
  • You will have a clear idea of the metrics involved in crafting a successful contract.
  • You will have the confidence to ask for one even when it's not initiated by the employer.
  • You will go into your next job with clarity and managed expectations, both ingredients in a successful work collaboration.
With experience comes a big  Network. Learn to Leverage your Network at every stage in a non-sleasy way.
You might have a big network, and now it's time to leverage it in an organic, friendly (never sleazy) way to serve both you and your network in the most positive way.
  • You will know how to nurture your network authentically.
  • You will realize your power in your network and how it can create ripples of wins for all of you.
  • You will create real and organic connection with people who have been part of your life.
Buy all 5 e-books as a bundle and save 20%.

If you really want to supercharge your forward motion, get all five and save some money while you progress all around towards your dream career.
Are there any refunds on the e-books?
No. The e-books are digital products and can't be returned.

I would like to work with your agency, can I register?
Absolutely you can. Follow this link and go through our registration intake.

Can you guarantee that I get a job fast with these e-books?
No, of course not. You get the how to in the books, the implementation is on you. Buying a treadmill doesn't get you fit, running on it does. It's the same here.

I am new in this line of work and would like to learn more, where do I find your trainings?
Absolutely, you find our workshops on our website and our flagship Riviera Nannies and Staff Academy that takes you through trainings, coaching and next to none support in your career as a domestic employee.
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